Accountability for the government's pandemic response

  • 6 May 2020
  • NormanL

With the federal government throwing trillions of dollars in relief payments, bailouts, subsidies, and loans at various sectors of the U.S. economy, oversight and accountability have never been more essential.

That's why this page from the newly-created Pandemic Reponse Accountability Committee is so important.

Here, you can track where the federal government is spending your money (and the billions it's borrowed). The page is a bit thin on details right now but promises to be much more robust very soon:

This page will display other detailed information on federal spending related to COVID-19, including:

Monthly obligations and expenditures on federal assistance awards and contracts related to COVID-19 funds as reported by participating agencies.

Relevant operational, economic, financial, grant, subgrant, contract, subcontract and other information on recipients of COVID-19 funds.

Downloadable, machine-readable, open format reports on covered funds as well as mapped funding information searchable by state and zip code.

There's also a page with detailed oversight reports from agency inspectors general.

Bookmark it, and refer to it often. This will be your guide to seeing where the money is going, who gets it, and how it's being used.