Army Corps of Engineers could give Second Amendment a boost

  • 13 March 2017
  • NormanL
Army Corps of Engineers could give Second Amendment a boost

The Army Corps of Engineers may be reconsidering its long time ban on the private possession of firearms on land it administers. The ban, first adopted in 1973 under the Nixon administration, was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in 2014. The Obama administration appealed that ruling. But in court filings this month, the Corps unveiled its change of heart on the issue:

...on March 2, the Corps filed a request to remove the oral argument from the calendar and to put the case into mediation. The motion explained: “The Army Corps of Engineers is reconsidering the firearms policy challenged in this case, as well as plaintiffs’ requests for permission to carry firearms on Army Corps property. This reconsideration has the potential to fully resolve plaintiffs’ objections.”

This does not mean the Corps could not ban firearms at certain "sensitive" areas under its purview --  

If the Corps’ new regulation prohibits carrying only inside dams and buildings that operate dams, the Corps will have a much greater chance of success on a “sensitive places” argument. It is more plausible to say that a dam is a sensitive place than to contend that 12 million acres of outdoor recreation property are so “sensitive” that defensive firearms must be banned even though hunting is allowed.

This makes far more sense, and it's heartening to see the Corps adopt a stance that could effectively balance Second Amendment rights with security measures.