California protests lockdowns

  • 7 May 2020
  • NormanL

Deep blue California may not seem like a ready source of protest against government lockdowns. But the images of protestors decrying Gov. Gavin Newsom's beach shutdown are something to behold.

As is the ongoing debate on when and how the restrictions on businesses and personal activity may be lifted:

California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, promised “meaningful” adjustments to stay-at-home orders in the coming days as thousands of protesters gathered across the state in defiance of the lockdown.

Demonstrations took place from the capital of Sacramento to San Francisco and San Diego, while large crowds turned out in Orange county’s Huntington Beach, a recent flashpoint after Newsom ordered beaches there to close.

Newsom said that the state was “getting very close” to making changes that would affect how businesses, including restaurants, could operate, and urged residents to be patient. He said the announcement of the changes would come in “days, not weeks”.

Nearly 3,000 people protested in Huntington Beach on Friday, the city’s police chief told the OC Register. The Huntington Beach protest followed the closure of beaches in Orange county after a weekend when tens of thousands of people hit the sands south of Los Angeles county, which had been closed for weeks. Newsom scolded local residents for defying the spirit of the stay-at-home order, and responded by ordering all beaches in the county to temporarily close.

Scolding residents (also known as voters) is not a good look for any politician. Understanding why people may be frustrated, angry, and fearful of seemingly endless shutdowns is a better response. Giving them a clear buleprint for how to  re-open, as opposed to hints or teases, would be much, much better.