"Duplicity, Incompetence, And Obliviousness"

  • 3 November 2014
  • msell
Eric Holder - Duplicity Incompetence Obliviousness

After six years of trashing the constitution">constitution">Constitution and trampling individual rights, Attorney General Eric Holder has had enough, and will resign as soon as his successor is confirmed. While this resignation is really a bit of a dodge (congress">Congress won't be back in session until after the November elections), it does give us an opportunity to reflect on Holder's time in office:

". . . Holder's tenure has been marked by a disturbing mix of duplicity, incompetence, and obliviousness.

"Which is another way of saying that he was a thoroughly typical attorney general, a cabinet position that has long been held by individuals whose first loyalty is to the president that appointed them rather than to the Constitution they swear to defend.

"From A. Mitchell Palmer (who rounded up and deported real and imagined Communists) to John Mitchell (convicted on perjury charges related to Watergate) to Janet Reno (who ordered the disastrous assault on the Branch Davidians and spent years threatening to censor cable TV), the position has long been a holding tank for low-performing miscreants."

So good riddance, Mr. Holder. But don't get your hopes up too high for his replacement. If history is any guide, that person will likely be as overtly partisan and anti-Constitution as the rest of them.