The left's new argument: Don't pay taxes until Electoral College is erased

  • 13 December 2016
  • NormanL
The left's new argument: Don't pay taxes until Electoral College is erased

The depths of craziness that has swallowed the left since Donald Trump's win seems to be bottomless. While we dismiss many of the outbursts, and much of the hysteria, as signs of immaturity, there are some we cannot ignore. Such as this item, which appered in Time magazine (which, apparently, is still a thing). The author argues, with passion, and at great length, for those who are disgusted with the election results and that nefarious entity known as the Electoral College to stop paying their federal income taxes until the College is erased from the Constitution:

Most Republicans are quite content with this system. Appeals to fairness have not persuaded them of the need to amend the Constitution to establish direct presidential elections, preferably with a runoff if no one wins 50% of the vote. Nor does the real chance that a Democrat could win the presidency with fewer votes than a Republican alarm them. Even the taunt, “Are you afraid of a direct election? Can’t you win a straight-up vote?” doesn’t faze them. Democrats must, therefore, pester Republicans where it hurts: the pocketbook.

Is signing a pledge to not pay taxes legal? Yes, if no overt act of conspiracy is involved, and the pledge itself is hypothetical. No one knows when or if it would be carried out.

A national movement not to pay federal taxes in the future would put Republicans on notice: they do not have the right to impose a hard-right, second-place presidency on a moderate nation every dozen or so years. If the Republicans won’t help amend the Constitution so that America can resume being a democracy, then Democrats, lacking the representation that supporters of a future popular vote-winner ought to have in the executive branch, should not submit to paying taxes to the federal government.

How would the pledge work? First, an online group such as, or both, should circulate a petition. The pledge is not just a powerful protest; it is also effortless, requiring no legal or financial sacrifice at all for years, possibly decades.

Second, the pledge should only apply to federal taxes. We would still pay state, local, sales and property taxes. This is a protest against our 229-year-old system of electoral votes, not against taxation in general.

Third, if a Republican wins the election without winning the popular vote again, we should still pay what we owe in federal taxes—just not to the IRS. Instead, people would compute their federal taxes, file a Form 1040 and write a check to a national escrow account, preferably in a well-established Canadian or British bank that is beyond the reach of the U.S. Justice Department, because whoever opens this account probably will be in violation of U.S. law. In the check’s memo line, people should write, “Funds to be transferred to the IRS as soon as America resumes being a democracy.”

There is so much idiocy even in this small excerpt that we hardly know where to begin with our corrections.

Let's just leave it this way: if there are those who want to stop paying their federal taxes because they think the Electoral College is an evil plot to disenfranchise them, go right ahead and do it.

The IRS will be happy to send some kindly agents to your home or office to discuss your lack of payment with you...and then promptly charge you with tax evasion (regardless of what you write in the memo of your check).

On the positive side, perhaps they could spend their time in the big house reading more about how and why the Electoral College became part of the Constitution.