Mike Bloomberg nanny state policies

  • 25 February 2020
  • NormanL

While Democrats wrestle with what to do about Bernie Sanders, some are putting their hopes behind former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. But is Bloomberg really better than Sanders? According to our friends at Americans for Tax Reform, Bloomberg is, in many ways, even worse. Unlike Sanders, the avowed socialist, Bloomberg is more insidious: the busibody government nanny. Consider these examples:

Mandating Calorie Information on Menus

The Bloomberg administration implemented a measure to force chain restaurants (with 15 or more outlets in New York City or across the country) to display calorie information on their menus or menu boards.

A study done at the NYU Langone Medical Center found that the amount of calories consumed at NYC restaurants with calorie displays was statistically the same as those without calorie displays.

A War on Salt

In 2010, the Bloomberg administration unveiled a broad health initiative aimed at pressuring food manufacturers and restaurant chains to diminish the amount of salt in their products.

The administration went so far as to ban food donations to homeless shelters because they couldn't assess the sodium levels in the donated foods.

There's more at the link...all of it a reminder that the political class is full of those intent on trampling liberty (for your own good, of course).