Republicans look to Georgia example for mid terms

  • 18 January 2018
  • NormanL
Republicans look to Georgia example for mid terms

We noted the rifts inside the Democratic party heading into the 2018 mid term elections. They are substantial. But what do Republicans intend to do to defend their House and Senate majorities? According to this Politico piece, they will be following their playbook from the Georgia special election that saw Karen Handel defeat a Democrat who commanded national backing, and wall-to-wall media praise:

“Be prepared for their campaign, execute the fundamentals and make sure they look at the data and analytics of their districts and their voters,” Handel said she told the conference. “The biggest thing is to be prepared.”

Handel talked about raising money, organizing an aggressive ground game and trying to highlight results — in this case, the tax law enacted late last year. Republicans are hoping to stress tax cuts to voters back home to show they followed through on campaign promises.

“It hits right to the heart of virtually every working American family in every district in a positive way,” Handel said after the conference.

Leaders believe that Handel’s success shows that Republicans can win — even as Trump’s approval ratings remain underwater. Her campaign proved to Republicans that they can tie Democratic candidates to unpopular party leaders, even in districts where Hillary Clinton ran roughly even or ahead of Trump in 2016. Handel, for instance, frequently suggested Ossoff would be a “puppet” of Pelosi and her “San Francisco values.”

It sounds a lot like an old-fashioned blocking-and-tackling campaign. Republican strategists are also telling their incumbents to raise pelnty of money, and get ot in their districts and engage their constituents.

Sensible, proven tactics that win elections.

They will need to use every one of them to keep Congress out of Democrats' hands.