Watch "Firing Line" online

  • 28 March 2018
  • NormanL

If you're a little tired of the shouting and posturing that infests so many cable TV chat shows these days, we have a suggestion: tune out the nonsense, and tune in to William F. Buckley.

The Hoover Institution has put its extensive catalogue of Buckley's long-running show "Firing Line" on YouTube. There, you can browse through his interviews and debates with some of the greatest personalities and minds of recent decades -- including those with whom Buckley profoundly disagreed, if not openly disliked.

They are all here -- Nixon, Thatcher, Friedman, Reagan, Mailer, and so many more (even Groucho Marx).

There's also the perspective -- the history -- these shows offer. War, race relations, economic crises, cultural decay, even a series of episodes on Republican infighting. Buckley covered them all.

The selection nearby is his 1966 interview with Barry Goldwater. The topic: the future of conservatism. There really is nothing new under the sun when it comes to political squabbles. But in "Firing Line," we at least had a way to explore those questions without rancor...or commericals...with a host who treated his guests, and his audiences, with respect.