The working class turns against Obama

  • 4 December 2014
  • NormanL
Angry Working Class

President Obama has a problem with white, working class people. It's not just him -- it's a problem for many democrats">Democrats that was exposed in the 2014">2014 congressional elections. Why have working class whites turned against Obama and his party?

The stock answer from the left is racism. But the facts say Democrats have only themselves to blame:

So if Democrats want to win back the white working class — and they kind of need to, if they want to win elections, because it's an enormous demographic — maybe they need to start thinking about honoring and encouraging work, rather than talking about race or class. One person who has some ideas in this direction is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who suggests that the government invest heavily in infrastructure, which would create a lot of blue-collar jobs.

That was actually an original part of Barack Obama's stimulus plan, but it was derailed by feminists within the Obama coalition who thought it would produce too many jobs for men. Christina Romer, then-chair of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, reported: "The very first email I got ... was from a women's group saying 'We don't want this stimulus package to just create jobs for burly men.' "

Well, if you're offended by jobs for burly men, you probably won't do well with working-class men, or with the working-class women who are often married to burly men. And, as Joel Kotkin notes, many other Obama policies — promoting urban density, which creates fewer construction jobs; fighting oil and coal extraction, thus targeting industries that create high-paying blue collar jobs; and even opening up immigration, which drives down wages for the working class — all seem designed to punish people who work for a living, even as expanded benefits for the poor seem designed to reward people who draw government checks for a living.

Democrats talk a lot about jobs and the economy. But at the same time, they have waged war agains entire industries that provide jobs and boost the economy. Those two ideas don't mix, and the result is the people targeted by the left's desire for a more centralized, bureaucratized and specialized world get left out. On purpose. It's no wonder, then, that those folks would dislike the President and his party.

Just don't expect the left to change its tune on the working class any time soon. Their ideology, and their financial backers, has no room for those who work hard, make sacrifices and play by the rules.