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The Response Action Network team works every day to ensure that our values are protected. We believe that each of us can make a difference in the political process, and we each have devoted our working lives to that end.

The Response Action Network (RAN) is a special project of Viguerie Political lists, which connects the grassroots to conservative political and advocacy organizations, and campaigns to advance the cause of freedom.  RAN gives you perspective you won’t find anywhere else – because everything we do is backed with decades of hands-on political experience.  We give you a window on the politics and policy affecting our liberties– and a powerful platform to make your voice heard.

You may have heard of Richard Viguerie. He is considered by many to be one of the most innovative tacticians and fundraisers in modern politics.  He has always strongly believed in helping the right candidates reach the right voters, and the right organizations reach the right activists. It is this mission that is at the core of who we are.

Viguerie founded what Viguerie Political Lists is today 50 years ago, and has raised billions of dollars in defense of freedom.  Richard responded to a question from Campaigns & Elections magazine about what his goals are:

To use the Internet to involve Americans in the political process, to help conservatives gain an advantage over the left. To fight against government's use of power, to fight for individual rights and responsibilities. . .

RAN builds on that foundation. We educate. We energize. We connect. And most of all, we listen…to you.

This website is our hub, the place where we share news, ideas, and issue calls to action.

We invite you to join us -- to learn, to share and to take action.



Welcome to the Response Action Network! We're pleased to have you on board.

What are we all about? The Response Action Network is made up of hundreds of thousands of Americans from all walks of life that share a common purpose:

Taking action when our liberties and freedoms are threatened.

We connect you with the biggest issues of the day . . .

  • We expose corruption and waste in government
  • We highlight the issues and policies affecting our constitutional rights
  • And we give you a way to take immediate action.

We do this through our free, weekly newsletter and website. And each week, we strive to give you the information you need to stay informed . . . and get active.

Take Action
On both our website and our newsletter have a "Take Action" section. This is where you can connect directly with the causes, candidates, and issues you care about most.
Article Comments
Each article that you see in the newsletter first appears on our site. Below each article there is a comment section where you can tell us what you think! You can leave comments using your Facebook account.
Email Preferences
We want you to be able to connect with the causes, issues, and candidates that you support. We will bring you regular messages from candidates and organizations. We may not always agree with the positions and messages of our advertisers, but the power to decide is in your hands.

You can control what you see by using our preference center. You can access it via a link on the bottom portion of any of our emails. This link will take you to the preference center, where you will be able to customize your email settings. If you uncheck any of the categories on this page, you will no longer receive that type of message.

Weekly Poll Question
We want to know what you think! In each newsletter, we ask you to give us your opinion on the big issues of the day. Full results are posted on the ResponseAction.com site. To view the results of the previous week's poll, just vote in the current week's poll located at the bottom of the newsletter. We're honored to have you as a member, and look forward to working with you.
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Now let's get started!


The Response Action Network Team

Our Staff

Executive Editor

David manages day-to-day operations for The Response Action Network, and has been involved in the operations of the Response Action Network since our inception.

David has worked for non-profits and for agencies specializing in political/non-profit fundraising and marketing for a number of years; he is a lifetime NRA member and a strong supporter of individual liberty.

Creative Director/Staff Writer

As creative director, Norm ensures that the editorial direction is consistent for The Response Action Network, and produces most of the content for the site. Norm has exstensive political experience and currently writes for several newspapers and runs a prominant political blog focused on state politics.


Chris makes sure that the right clients are able to get messages out to the Response Action Network. He is a staunch supporter of state's rights and believes politics and government are best suited to serve the needs of the people at the state and local level.  He is a lifelong supporter of the NRA and people's right to bear arms.  Chris is also involved in the pro-life community and causes.  He currently spends his free time with his family and volunteering for various conservative candidate's campaigns.  

Technical Services/Graphic Design

Justin helps keep the Response Action Network website up-to-date with graphics, coding and content management. His political views are conservative and he's an avid listener of Chris Plante and Mark Levin. He spends his free time living a healthy lifestyle and keeping up with new technology.