Adding National Guard units to the Space Force

  • 4 September 2019
  • NormanL

Official Washington is still buzzing about the possibility there will actually be a new Space Force created as part of the Department of Defense. But that might only be part of the story. According to Federal News Network report Scott Maucione, there could also be a Space National Guard created to support the active duty branch:

The Defense Department will establish the Space National Guard in tandem with the Space Force and will have basic headquarters and staffing set up by the beginning of next year if Congress gives it the green light, Brig. Gen. Patrick Cobb, special assistant to the National Guard Chief for space, told Federal News Network in an exclusive interview.

“In the second year of existence we will start bringing National Guard units over to the Space National Guard,” Cobb said. “We will bring the Air National Guard units over first and then a year after that the Army National Guard unit that we have here in Colorado. The Air Force Reserve would do the same thing and Army Reserve.”

Cobb said the only model for setting up the Space National Guard, and the Space Force itself, is the establishment of the Air National Guard in 1947.

“We’ve been using a lot of that history,” Cobb said. “We saw how the Air Guard became an entity and the reserve a year after. We’ve been working with the Air Force and their planning team on the Space National Guard.”

There are a number of steps that must occur before such Guard units can be created. However, if the Space Force does get congressional approval -- and there are signs that could hapen -- then a National Guard component could be on the way, too.