Answers needed about possible Awan role in DNC data breach

  • 9 August 2017
  • NormanL
Answers needed about possible Awan role in DNC data breach

The bizarre story of former DNC data specialist Imran Awan, and his possible role in the massive data breach that exposed hundreds of sensitive Democratic emails during the summer of 2016, continues to gnaw at conservatives. They want answers. And they expect a full court media press looking into the issue from all angles, similar to the manner in which the press has chased every lead (real and imagined) in the Russian hacking story.

Such hopes from the press are unlikely to be fulfilled. 

But what do we know about this story? This USA Today piece gives us an overview:

We have an extremely highly-paid information technology technician and several of his family members working for many years with leading Congressional Democrats, including some on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. They collectively pulled down millions of dollars since the early 2000s.

Awan’s main employer was the head of the DNC at the time of a major computer security breach. Awan and his family were involved in a series of sketchy financial transactions, and have been implicated in misuse of the data to which they had access, which includes personal emails and even the possibility of classified information.  In February 2017, members of the Awan ring were named by House security services as suspects in a criminal investigation involving “serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network.” 

At this time, Awan’s wife Alvi left the country carrying $12,400 in cash, after Imran wired $283,000 to Pakistan pretending to be Alvi. In the course of the criminal investigation, a laptop computer was discovered hidden in the Rayburn House Office Building along with other stolen IT equipment, and Wasserman Shultz personally threatened the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police with “consequences” if it was examined.

If this is just a case about alleged financial crime, insurance fraud, no-show jobs, home loan violations, intimidation and the like, then fine. Let justice be done. But given the fact that Awan and his family were at the center of the Democratic IT world, you don’t have to be an Islamophobe or a fake news peddler to have some valid questions.

This all could be a simple criminal matter. It might be something much bigger. But with Democrats in defiant denial, if this Debbie Wasserman Schultz interview is any indication, the press on a collective coffe break, and not much else moving to gather and publish facts about the case, we are left with speculation and doubt.

One would think that the champions of transparency, and the paladins of truth would be all over this story. They aren't. And that tells us a great deal about them, their priorities, and their principles. The Awan story is messy, and worst of all (for the press), it involves Democrats. And the press just isn't interested in investigating members of its own ideological tribe.