Book Review: Shall Not Be Infringed: The New Assaults on Your Second Amendment

  • 27 October 2016
  • NormanL
Book Review: Shall Not Be Infringed: The New Assaults on Your Second Amendment

Just in time for the 2016 elections, David Keene and Thomas Mason have exposed an international conspiracy (aided by Hillary Clinton) to ban private firearms worldwide in their new book Shall Not Be Infringed.

Defeated at home by the NRA and its Second Amendment allies, anti-gun activists have crafted an insidious new tool for worldwide “gun control”: the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty.

Every American concerned about their Second Amendment rights should read Chapters Five and Six, which describe how anti-gun liberals have conspired to use the Arms Trade Treaty to circumvent the U.S. Constitution.  The U.S. Senate must never ratify the Arms Trade Treaty.

Although the Arms Trade Treaty regulates weapons from strategic bombers all the way down to handguns, anti-gun forces are using the broad scope of the treaty to disguise its true purpose: banning civilian firearms worldwide.  

Many Arms Trade Treaty proponents deny that they intend to ban civilian firearms, but the committee drafting the treaty rejected every attempt to exempt private firearms from the scope of the treaty - with the full blessing of then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  

As Keene and Mason note, “The ATT is the first disarmament treaty in history to include civilian firearms, as well as the usual military weapons.”

As it happens, American gun owners account for more than 40 percent of civilian gun owners worldwide.  Even though the Arms Trade Treaty appears to be a far-reaching attempt to regulate dangerous military weapons and bring about a stable world peace, in reality, the Arms Trade Treaty is a United Nations gun pointed straight at American gun owners.

This should not be terribly surprising, for as the authors note:

“The U.N.’s entrance in New York includes a sculpture of a twisted pistol, meant to symbolize the U.N.’s desire for peace by destroying or banning weapons.  The fact that the sculpture emphasizes the destruction not of a tank or artillery piece, but of sidearms, tells you where these folks really want to go.”


Unfortunately, instead of emblazoning this dramatic image on the front cover, the authors bury this and so many other vital details deep within the bowels of this book.


Many other curiosities keep this work out of the top tier of recommended books - such as frequent and distracting grammatical errors, a truly bizarre inclusion of full website links in the text, rather than in footnotes, and an overall lack of coherent organization and purpose common to dual author publications.


Presumably, the authors rushed to get this critical information about the Arms Trade Treaty into the hands of the voters in time to influence the election with the intention of polishing the rough edges in the book’s second edition.


For all of its shortcomings, Shall Not Be Infringed deserves a place on the bookshelf of every friend of the Second Amendment, particularly for Chapters Five and Six, which reveal the international conspiracy to sidestep the Second Amendment, and strip American gun owners of our right to bear arms.

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