Calling out the left's angry crusade against the unborn

  • 27 April 2017
  • NormanL
Calling out the left's angry crusade against the unborn

We all get it: the left is still angry that Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in November. The anger has translated itself in a number of ways (most infantile, some potentially dangerous). But the new chairman of the Democratic Party, Tom Perez, has decided his method of showing anger is to be a foul-mouthed buffoon

We get that, too. Trying to sound tough (or trying to sound like what pollsters and focus groups says makes you appear tough), is a tried-and-true tactic. But when he isn't spounting profanity, Perez is uttering other rhetorical hard lines, including how Democrats must - without exception -- be pro-abortion. It's gotten him into a bit of a pickle because a Democratic candidate for mayor of Omaha, Nebraska is a long term pro-life advocate. 

At least one Republican, Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, took note, and issued a perfect retort to Perez's dictact:

...Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) had just one quick question for Perez on Sunday.

Writing on Twitter, Sasse noted that Perez’s Twitter bio says he is “fighting for the little guy.” So Sasse decided to test the limits on just which “little guys” Perez is fighting for.

Tweeting a picture of a 12-week-old unborn baby, Sasse wrote: “Your profile says you fight for the little guy. Please check out this little fella — special, isn’t he? (He’s 12 weeks old.)”

Perez has not responded to Sasse. 

Perhaps because he is too busy hounding angry Democrats to embrace callousness and cruelty toward the littlest guys of all.