In Cleveland, a furor over rules

  • 19 July 2016
  • NormanL
In Cleveland, a furor over rules

The Response Action Network is in Cleveland covering the GOP convention. Monday got off to a shaky start, as delegates from a handful of states waged a floor fight to change some party rules relating to delegate selection and other matters.

The effort was spirited, and there were several made-for-TV moments. And it was crushed, in what some are calling an arrogant display of raw power.

We'll leave that for the delegates to decide (and it appears the majority didn't seem to mind too much).

What we have learned from our interviews and discussions today is that some are worried such in-fighting takes the focus off of beating Hillary Clinton. If one thing unites the GOP, it's the determination to see that the former Secretary of State never gets to the White House.

But before that can happen, the GOP has to be united and determined to reach that goal. It's an open question whether, once the festivities here are completed on Thursday night, that necessary unity will emerge. So far, we find delegates who are both enthusiastic about Donald Trump's candidacy, and others who are resigned to it. 

In other words, the GOP appears to have a long way to go. And little time to get there.

We'll have more reports as the convention progresses.