The consequences of a Hillary Clinton victory

  • 13 October 2016
  • NormanL
The consequences of a Hillary Clinton victory

As GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump contends with a mixed bag of polling results that show him hanging tough nationally, but losing ground in key swing states, Republicans are being asked to consider their alternatives closely as Election Day nears. Do they want to surrender the next round of Supreme Court picks to Hillary Clinton -- and perhaps allow the nanny state to run roughshod over our liberties -- or will they choose to put those choices, and much more, in Trump's hands? Washington Times editorial page editor David A. Keene argues the choice is clear:

Staying home in November, voting for a third party candidate with no chance of winning or even voting for Mrs. Clinton as some unthinking conservatives hostile to Mr. Trump seem prepared to do are not rational options for one who cares about the future. Donald Trump can win in November, but he won't win if those of us who care about the freedoms and values that we say are so important to us don't do our part to help him win. 

The consequences of undermining his candidacy at this point are not difficult to predict and won't be pretty. If conservatives desert at this juncture, Mrs. Clinton will end up with a Democratic Senate and if that happens she will get just about everything she wants. Her Supreme Court appointees will eventually be confirmed, treaties that are awaiting ratification will be ratified, the power of an already too powerful executive will increase and many of the freedoms we have always taken for granted will be in danger of becoming mere memories. 

We know our readers believe in freedom, and cherish liberty. Those beliefs, and who they think is best equiped to see those beliefs turned into actions, will guide their choice for president in November.