The Democrats and their "subpoena cannon"

  • 13 November 2018
  • NormanL

Democrats are planning all sorts of mischief once they take control of the House in January -- including unleashing what's been dubbed a "subpoena cannon." What does that mean? Trouble for the White House:

House Democrats plan to probe every aspect of President Trump’s life and work, from family business dealings, the Space Force and his tax returns to possible "leverage" by Russia, top Democrats tell us.

What they're saying: One senior Democratic source said the new majority, which takes power in January, is preparing a "subpoena cannon," like an arena T-shirt cannon.

It's a cute bit of imagery. But it covers a list of as many as 85 potential investigations. It's the kind of list that will make the left's hearts flutter...but could, left unckecked, seriously harm the Trump administration's ability to stay on task. While the president is ready to push back immediately if Democrats insist on following the "subpeona cannon" strategy, we don't look forward to the spectacle and distraction.

Then again, it's the kind of spectacle -- sneering, combative, and downright ugly -- that could do far more harm to Democrats in 2020 and beyond that to the president or his administration.