Democrats Head Back to the Drawing Board

  • 13 November 2014
  • jwoodie
Democrats Head Back to the Drawing Board

It's hard to feel much sympathy for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who chairs the Democratic National Committee. After the shellacking her party took in the elections, Wasserman Schultz promises to rethink how the party went wrong and where it can improve:

"'The electoral success we have when our presidential nominee is able to make the case to the country as a whole, doesn't translate in other elections,'" she said. "'We are going to look at where we fell short. We're going to identify our mistakes.'"

That's going to take a long, long time. But we have some suggestions of where she can begin: obamacare">Obamacare . . . the IRS scandal . . . Fast & Furious . . . the benghazi">Benghazi cover-up . . .

See a pattern? The democrats">Democrats' problems all start at the top, with Mr. Obama. He will be gone in two years. The damage he leaves behind, however, will plague his party for years to come.