Dershowitz slams "frivolous" effort to get Trump

  • 12 June 2017
  • NormanL
Dershowitz slams "frivolous" effort to get Trump

The reviews of James Comey's testimony continue to roll in, and as expected, where someone sits on the partisan spectrum dictates their reactions. But there is one big outlier: Alan Dershowitz, the liberal law professor, who wrote that Comey's Senate appearance proved the Democrats (and their narrative) totally wrong:

In his testimony former FBI director James Comey echoed a view that I alone have been expressing for several weeks, and that has been attacked by nearly every Democratic pundit.

Comey confirmed that under our Constitution, the president has the authority to direct the FBI to stop investigating any individual. I paraphrase, because the transcript is not yet available:  the president can, in theory, decide who to investigate, who to stop investigating, who to prosecute and who not to prosecute.  The president is the head of the unified executive branch of government, and the Justice Department and the FBI work under him and he may order them to do what he wishes.                    

As a matter of law, Comey is 100 percent correct.  As I have long argued, and as Comey confirmed in his written statement, our history shows that many presidents—from Adams to Jefferson, to Lincoln, to Roosevelt, to Kennedy, to Bush 1, and to Obama – have directed the Justice Department with regard to ongoing investigations. The history is clear, the precedents are clear, the constitutional structure is clear, and common sense is clear.

Yet virtually every Democratic pundit, in their haste to “get” President Trump, has willfully ignored these realities.  In doing so they have endangered our civil liberties and constitutional rights.

Now that even former Director Comey has acknowledged that the Constitution would permit the president to direct the Justice Department and the FBI in this matter, let us put the issue of obstruction of justice behind us once and for all and focus on the political, moral, and other non-criminal aspects of President Trump’s conduct.

Dershowitz goes on to say that Trump's conduct deserves to be discussed, and the role Russia may have played, or attempted to play, in the 2016 election should be explored. But those issues are hampered by Democratic talkers who have engaged in "frivolous efforts to accuse President Trump of committing a crime by exercising his constitutional authority."

We don't think their effort is frivolous. It's deadly serious. Democrats are still reeling from Hillary Clinton's loss. Getting Trump, and using whatever means are close at hand to do so, saves them from having to seriously look inside themselves, their political choices, their policies, and their methods.

It is a diversion -- a hobby -- that keeps them from cracking up.