DHS Targets James O'Keefe

  • 14 August 2015
  • NormanL

Filmmaker James O'Keefe is making news with his latest undercover video. The piece shows how the Department of Homeland Security has decided to make O'Keefe a target for exposing the half-truths, and outright lies about the security of our nation's borders:

Prior to O’Keefe exposing our porous southern border and the incompetency of CBP, he had never been detained when reentering the United States. Subsequently, O’Keefe has been detained following each and every one of his six reentries into the United States.

In the latest video from O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, CBP officers are captured asking such incredulous questions as:

  • “Who do you think is going to win the Republican Primary”

  • “Would you really support Trump as a nominee?”

O’Keefe maintained his journalistic integrity by refusing to answer the inappropriate questions and stating that as a journalist he must maintain his independence.                         

The fifth time O’Keefe was detained was in Montreal where CBP’s veiled unconstitutional detention of O’Keefe was clear from the start as they quickly and without any promting stated that maybe he was being detained because he had “passed the border before in disguise.”  

This unconstitutional trend continued when O’Keefe reentered the country in Seattle where the CBP Officer asked him if he made the “news for the whole southern border stuff?”

Additionally, CBP Officer asked O’Keefe:

  • “What’s your next project?”

  • “Do you make money off the Youtube hits?”

  • “Wow many [YouTube] hits do you guys get?”

  • “So you paid for your own trip and everything?”

None of these inappropriate questions had national security relevance nor were they constitutional. They were vindictive and clearly acts of retribution.

Given the many, many problems at the DHS, badgering O'Keefe should not be on the Department's agenda at all. But it appears to be -- and that is deeply troubling. The Department was created in the wake of the terrorist attacks on this nation 14 years ago. The idea was to bring the nation's security assets together in one place, to make coordination easier, activities more efficient, and ultimately make the nation safer.

Instead, the DHS and its component parts seem more interested in protecting their turf, hassling the innocent, and stifling dissent.

That's not security. It is petty tyranny.