Expanding the fight against burdensome federal regulations

  • 10 July 2017
  • NormanL
Expanding the fight against burdensome federal regulations

One of the less heralded successes of the Trump administration has been rolling back the burdens of federal regulations. But our friends at the Cause of Action Institute say Trump could do even more on the regulation front, and suggests a ready-made model for how to proceed in Arizona:

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced a new program designed to reduce outdated and burdensome regulations and to promote economic growth and job creation. His goal is to eliminate 500 regulations by the end of 2017.  To achieve this goal, Governor Ducey created a website—RedTape.AZ.Gov—where Arizonans can “crowdsource” recommendations on which regulations should be eliminated and submit those recommendations directly to the governor’s office.  The website provides an easy, streamlined way for citizens to assist in the regulatory reform of their state.  

The White House, CoA argues, should immediately do the same at the national level to ensure his deregulatory push doesn't stall:

To foster and promote transparent regulatory reform, Cause of Action Institute recommends the White House launch a new website devoted to receiving recommendations from the public.  The recommendations could then automatically be forwarded to each agency’s RRO.  To ensure a transparent comment process, the recommendations should be accessible to the public and easily searchable by agency, topic, regulation identifier number, and other filters.  The website could foster public discourse by allowing the public to upvote or downvote comments, respond to specific comments, and suggest related regulations to comment on.  Finally, the website should not have a deadline for submissions but instead permanently allow Americans to make recommendations to reform the administrative state.  By providing a central, permanent website for submitting and reviewing recommendations, the White House can achieve its regulatory reform agenda more efficiently and promote accountability while ensuring that all Americans have a voice in the process.

These are entirely sensible suggestions. Refining and targeting public recommendations makes the reform process more effective. And leaving the publc comment window open indefinetely means more regulations that harm individuals, and limit freedom, can be addressed.

The Trump administration has made solid headway against the regulatory apparatus. But as history has taught us, reducing government overreach is a constant fight demanding ongoing vigilance. We hope the Administration takes the CoA Institute's suggestions to heart, and keeps the public involved in cutting the federal governments's endless red tape.