Have some faith that humanity can overcome crisis

  • 6 May 2019
  • NormanL

There's a lot of doom, gloom, and outright hysteria circulating in the media, much of it centered on a pending environmental apocalypse. While we, too, have concerns for the environment, we are not in the camp demanding the end of capitalism and the curtailment of individual liberty as a means to save the planet.

Rather, we are optimists. Yes, there are problems, but none of them is so big it cannot be overcome through human ingenuity. But we're not breaking new ground here. Rather, we stand on the shoulders of giants -- men and women who tackled enormous problems, solved them, and in the process improved the human condition.  The website HumanProgress.org - a project of the Cato Institute - has a wealth of information on how we pitifully flawed humans are meeting and overcoming challenges to our very existence. 

Including the problem of how to feed everyone. As the nearby video shows, there has been a long strong of predictions that mass starvation was certain. Yet it hasn't happened. Why? Check out the video to learn more....and have a little faith that we can do it.