Hillary isn't going away

  • 4 May 2017
  • NormanL

Hillary Clinton refuses to go away, as some might have thought would happen after her presidential ambitions were crushed a second time. No, instead she intends to start a political action committee:

...as a way of "acting as a quiet catalyst" for organizations she cares about, and eventually will help 2018 congressional candidates — but with no intention of making it a vehicle to run for anything herself.

According to a source familiar with the planning, the initial focus will be on lifting up organizations that are the product of the energy and activism she has seen since the election, and existing groups that have been reignited and reinvigorated by that energy. She has met with some of these groups, and it's something she's become increasingly passionate about with each meeting, the source said.

That's a gauzy, and a bit nauseating, way to describe what's happening here. We see it as something far more simple: she wants to keep the money and influence flowing. A PAC is one way to do that, and it has the added benefit of allowing the Clintons (remember that Bill is never far from the scene, and then there's Chelsea) to rack-up a new list of people who owe them favors.

We also learn that Clinton will be out writing more books, and going back on the lecture circuit. Why? Money, of course. And also to keep the fires of the Clinton name burning in the public imagination (just in case).