Hillary supporters are all in for repealing the Second Amendment

  • 25 August 2016
  • NormanL

The nearby video makes us weep for the future. It's from a Hillary Clinton event in Virginia, where a gaggle of young adults were asked whether they are in favor of repealing the Second Amendment.

They all think it's a great idea. Because, you know, the Constitution was written over 200 years ago and people's attitudes change, they make mistakes, human rights before guns rights. And so on.

We could put all this down to ignorance of the law, and constitutional history. But that lets these kids off the hook too easily. Given the opportunity, they would take an eraser to other parts of the Bill of Rights, too. Because, you know, freedom of religion and limits on federal power, and a bunch of other stuff, is just sooo yesterday.

James Madison must be rolling over in his grave...