Hillary's minions come unglued over Brazile book

  • 7 November 2017
  • NormanL
Hillary's minions come unglued over Brazile book

Former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile has a new book coming out about the 2016 presidential election, and it is setting the left ablaze with its charges that the Clinton campaign rigged the primaries to ensure a Hillary victory.

That's explosive stuff, especially coming from an old Clinton ally. But Brazile's charges have stung so deeply that a reaction was inevitable. And sure enough, Donna Brazile now finds herself on the receiving end of an old-fashioned media smear campaign. How dare Brazile attack the Clintons? Obviously she's a Putin stooge for doing so (yes, former Clinton staffers are really saying that)!

Writing at the media criticism site Washington Babylon, Michael Sainato says it's another example of power covering for power:

The mainstream media’s efforts to regurgitate whatever narrative is fed to them by establishment leaders while ignoring stories that put them in a bad light are symptoms of the gasping industry of journalism. The propagated myth that the DNC wasn’t an extension of the Clinton Campaign simultaneously omits that the Hillary Victory Fund circumvented campaign finance laws to funnel money to the Clinton Campaign, despite the gravity of these facts and their implications.

Even Brazile — a long time party hack who is now being portrayed as a hero for writing about the memo but whose primary motivation is surely selling her book and making money — has pushed back against the obvious conclusions from the memo, retweeting a claim that the Clinton Campaign cheating during the primaries didn’t enhance Hillary’s performance at all.

The cheating was clearly done to get Clinton more voters in the primaries and stave off other candidates. There was no other reason to do it.

The gaslighting claim that Clinton did it to help save the DNC financially is also baseless. The DNC could easily have raised the money it received from the Clinton Campaign from TV contracts for more debates, scheduled at times to maximize exposure of the candidates. Instead it limited the schedule to only six debates — down from 26 during the 2008 primaries

Accepting these truths would force the DNC and Democratic Party establishment into introspection. Instead, the Clinton machine and establishment are gaslighting the story to avoid accepting blame or responsibility for the corruption and authoritarian manner in which the Democratic Party continues to operate.

Better to savage the messenger than address the message. We are reminded that when a political opponent is busily destroying himself, the prudent thing is to stand aside and let it happen. But at least we can find a comfy chair and grab some popcorn as we watch the show.