IRS still hasn't fixed holes in data security

  • 20 April 2016
  • NormanL
IRS still hasn't fixed holes in data security

The IRS still hasn't fixed all the holes in its taxpayer data files, which means sensitive information is still ripe for hackers to plunder. In response to this rolling bureaucratic blunder, Virginia Rep. Barbara Comstock has called for IRS commissioner John Koskinen to resign:

In a statement, Comstock said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen "has provided little confidence that cybersecurity is a top priority at the IRS. 

“Over 700,000 Americans have had their vital tax information potentially stolen by hackers because the IRS could not protect their information." 

In testimony before Comstock's House subcommittee on Research and Technology on Friday, Koskinen said, "I don't think there's any financial institution of any size in the world that can give you a 100-percent guarantee" that customer data is safe from hackers. 

"I can tell you, knocking on wood," Koskinen added, "thus far our basic database, notwithstanding the over one million attacks a day, continues to remain secure." 

Koskinen also noted that the agency's head of cybersecurity "left a few weeks ago," and that the agency's chief technology officer will also be leaving owing to what Koskinen said was the loss of authorization to pay their salaries.

No one is minding the security store inside the IRS. The IRS blames Congress for the problem, while also arguing that no data system can be 100 percent safe from hackers. 

If they just had more money, though, maybe the whole thing could be fixed.

Little wonder, then, that Koskinen is knocking on wood.

We'd prefer he be pounding the pavement in search of new employment.