Jeb continues to fade

  • 29 September 2015
  • NormanL
Jeb continues to fade

Polling from the Wall Street Journal confirms what a lot of people have been saying for the last several weeks: Jeb Bush is struggling, and things are only going to get worse...

Mr. Bush lost support across the board: among men and women, voters under and over 50 years of age, talk-radio listeners, and values and tea-party voters alike. Though his support flagged among likely voters who identified as very conservative and total conservatives, Mr. Bush lost the most ground – a 15-point decline — among self-described moderate and liberals, earning 8% from those voters in September compared with 23% in July.

Voters also have less positive sentiment about the former Florida governor. The change was greatest among likely Republican primary voters, whose positive feelings decreased to 39% from 50%. Meanwhile, negative feelings toward Mr. Bush increased by four points.

By contrast, Ms. Fiorina’s standout performance in the two GOP debates prompted a 21- point jump in Republican primary voters who view her positively, and a fourth place finish overall among poll respondents.

Bush currently sits in fifth place in the Journal poll. In a field of 15 candidates, that's not too bad. But the Journal also confirms that Mr. Bush's fall has coincided with the rise of Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio.

Bush and his supporters argue that he has a huge pile of cash he can use to spend his way back into contention. But political history is littered with well-funded candidates who flopped with voters.

It is far too early to say whether Bush will join the floppers. 

But not all the money in the world will change the inescapable fact that he's a Bush. And voters -- for now -- just aren't interested.