Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

  • 10 July 2018
  • NormanL

The president's much anticipated Supreme Court nominee is...Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The left has gone utterly bonkers over the pick, in some cases, launching their attack emails without first bothering to insert Kavanaugh's name. And as was to be expected, they are warning that Kavanaugh on the court will bring about the end of the world, or something.

That's all theater -- cynical to its core, predictable to a "T." And there are some on the right who are feeling let down by the choice. There's no pleasing everyone. But in Kavanaugh, the president has made a fascinating move. Via Axios, we get a bit of the backstory on how it all happened:

Trump secretly settled on Kavanaugh because the 53-year-old federal appeals court judge, who lives seven miles from the White House, is "in Washington, but not of Washington."

That was the description last night by the Federalist Society's Leonard Leo, Trump's closest outside adviser on judicial selections.

Leo told me that Kavanaugh, 53, cemented his bond with Trump during their second in-person meeting, when his show of strength and humility convinced the president that he would "do what he thought was right, no matter what the social, cultural and politics fashions of the day might be."

Leo said that between Kavanaugh's 300 opinions and his private conversations, he showed "a willingness to demand transparency and accountability from an ever-growing administrative state."

That's an important point to consider. Reeling in the administrative state's power and reach is critical. And for those who doubt whether the judge is conservative enough on other matters, consider this:

 Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, would have the second most conservative score (0.693) on the bench if confirmed, next to Justice Clarence Thomas (0.725), per a measure that scores judges on a liberal-conservative spectrum.

Why it matters: Kennedy often sided with the liberal wing of the court, so with this choice, Trump is cementing a solid conservative majority on the bench.

Which is exactly what a Republican president should do. Trump has kept his promise on Supreme Court picks. Senate Republicans know it. The left certainly knows it. And it scares them to death. Good. Bring on the confirmation hearing.