McCabe's legal defense fundraiser rakes in the dough

  • 2 April 2018
  • NormanL
McCabe's legal defense fundraiser rakes in the dough

Andrew McCabe may have lost his job as deputy director of the FBI, but his fans on the left are intent on lending the disgraced bureaucrat all the aid and comfort they can. And that includes establishing a legal defense fund for him. How is the fund doing? So far, it's raked in more than $500,000 (and counting) in just a few days:

The funds will be used for his attorneys’ fees for various legal fights he faces. Those courtroom battles relate to a report from the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General which recommended that McCabe’s be fired after its investigators found that he repeatedly and deliberately lied to the FBI about his role in various leaks. Any amounts left over from this fund will be donated to a non-profit group designated by McCabe.

The original impetus for a charity drive for McCabe seems to have come from Silicon Valley investor Jason Calacanis, who two weeks ago announced on Twitter that, at the age of 47, he finally got motivated by someone’s suffering to create his very first ever GoFundMe campaign: one designed to raise funds that would go to McCabe personally. Calacanis ultimately announced he was terminating the campaign and would transfer the modest funds he received to the new fund drive for McCabe’s legal defense.

Then came the big boost from Rachel Maddow:

MSNBC’s beloved-by-Democrats host Rachel Maddow tweeted a link to the new GoFundMe campaign for McCabe to her 9.4 million followers. At the time of Maddow’s tweet — which has now been re-tweeted by 4,000 people and “liked” by another 11,000 — McCabe’s fund had $100,000. Less than 24 hours after Maddow’s viral tweet, the amount quintupled to a half-million dollars.

The self-styled "resistance" is willing to put its dollars to work to support a put-upon public servant. Except McCabe doesn't really need the dough:

By all metrics, McCabe and his family are financially secure; a more accurate term for them would be “quite wealthy.” As Splinter’s Paul Blest documented — in an article accurately entitled “Andrew McCabe Does Not Need Your Money” — his “average salary between 2015 and 2017, when he was in the senior leadership of the FBI, was over $157,000.” That income figure for McCabe does not count the income earned by McCabe’s wife, who is a highly accomplished medical doctor with multiple sources of income.

McCabe’s FBI salary alone put his family in the top 4-5 percentile of income for all Americans. An analysis by of financial disclosures forms he filed found that, beyond that salary, “McCabe has several mutual fund accounts, including 529 college savings accounts and a 401K retirement fund, with the total value of those investment accounts ranging from $287,000 to $880,000.” While his firing significantly reduced the value of his pension (which would have been $1.8 million had he retired as scheduled: $60,000 per year until the 50-year-old McCabe died), he still will receive some pension benefits.

According to public property records, the McCabes purchased their Northern Virginia home in 2006 for a price of $715,000, which means it’s worth far more than that now, as real state prices in that region have skyrocketed. Indeed, the McCabes’ home almost doubled in value from 2003, when it was sold to the prior owners, to 2006, when the McCabes purchased it. The expensive house in which the McCabes reside is located in Loudoun County, which, according to the latest Census Bureau report, is the single richest county in the entire United States.

And so on.

We won't stand in the way of people willingly handing over their money to a fund that will pay some or all of McCabe's potential legal bills. It's their money, and their choice. However, we are amused that so many would give so much, so quickly, to someone who is so well off...and was canned for lying.

We're fairly certain McCabe will take the money. He would be a fool to turn away the generosity of the gullible.