Mid-terms Slay a Myth

  • 13 November 2014
  • jwoodie
Mid-terms Slay a Myth Republicans Defeat Democrats 2014 Election

It wasn't just Democrat politicians who took it on the chin in the 2014">2014 mid-term elections. An enduring myth about conservatives also took a pounding:

"Another myth we heard for weeks leading up to the elections was that republicans">Republicans had abandoned obamacare">Obamacare as an issue. Turns out some of the biggest winners in the most competitive states-Cory Gardner in Colorado, Ernst in Iowa-were full-throated critics of the Affordable Care Act and never shied away. According to Kantar Media's Campaign Media Analysis Group, Obamacare ads dominated TV and radio. The GOP ran about 13,000 Obamacare ads in Senate races in one week leading up to election">Election Day. When was the last time a single piece of legislation dominated a midterm in that way?"

Obamacare remains one of the most despised pieces of legislation in recent history. Voters have proven that twice by tossing democrats">Democrats who voted for the law over the side. There is a lesson here for Republicans who think now is the time to go soft on repealing the law: you do so at your own peril.