New York City's war on the Second Amendment

  • 8 August 2017
  • NormanL

It's no secret that many big city mayors aren't too keen on individuals exercising their Second Amendment rights. Few cities, however, rise to the level of New York City, which gave us not only billionaire anti-gun zealot Mike Bloomberg, but also a maze of draconian local rules and laws that make criminals out of gun owning, law abiding citizens.

As John Stossel notes in the video nearby, New York City can and has arrested people (tourists, and those passing through) who are found to have guns at local airports -- even if those people have proper licenses issued by law enforcement authorities in their home states...and despite those same people following all TSA rules on notification and firearms transport.

Stossel talks to some of those who've fallen into the city's anti-gun net, and confronts the district attorney who prosecuted them. It makes for infuriating viewing. But it is also worth your time, particularly if you plan on travelling to NYC any time soon.