Pity Mr. Steyer

  • 13 November 2014
  • jwoodie
Throwing Money In the Trash - Pity Mr. Steyer

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer spent tens of millions of his own dollars trying to prop-up Democrat incumbents in the mid-term elections. His big issue? Global warming (sorry . . . "climate change"). How did things go for him and his pet cause?


"Not only did they personally cost Steyer many millions of dollars in wasted campaign expenditure - nearly $75 million of the funding for his Nextgen Climate superPAC came out of his own pocket: think how many tartan ties you could buy with that! - but they represented the US electorate's comprehensive repudiation of the notion that 'climate change' is the most pressing political issue of our age."

On second thought, we have no pity for Steyer. He bet that voters were worried about polar bears more than the economy and freedom and he lost. Big. One would think that such an expensive lesson in politics (and common sense) would send him into the same room with Rep. Wasserman Schultz to find out where things went wrong. We doubt it, and expect Steyer and his wallet to make another appearance in 2016.