Politicians and their "rent a crowds"

  • 18 June 2015
  • NormanL

It's a question we've always wanted an answer to: how can politicians drum up such large, adoring crowds on short notice?  Now we know:

...a company called “Crowds on Demand"... hires multi-talented actors who are experts of improvisational theatre to provide the illusion of support for a candidate. Nothing draws a crowd,like a crowd.

The company who has provided its services for athletes, artists and fashion people has recently admitted to providing services for both Republican and Democrat candidates.

And it seems this service is available for everyone, which means you, too, can have a rented crowd of fans, security, fake reporters -- the whole lot of them -- follow you around town and make you feel like a celebrity. Or a politician.

It's a spin on the old trick Big Labor has used for years to pad the ranks of protestors. And we know that state-level politicians have often, though quietly, called on state workers to show up to "spontaneous" protests (usually during the lunch hour) to rail about legislaion they don't like.

Political theater at its finest.