Presidential Agenda Survey Results

  • 28 February 2017
  • NormanL
On our readers' agendas

We asked, and you answered.

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The results of our Presidential Agenda Survey are in, and our readers firmly believe President Trump’s biggest priority is to roll back the policies of the Obama administration, and push the nation forward in a new, more prosperous, more secure, direction.

Among the Survey’s highlights:

• 96 percent approve of the Executive Orders the President has issued so far, including a federal hiring freeze, and renegotiating trade agreements.
• 96 percent approved of the President’s temporary freeze on immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations that have been linked to terrorism.
• 61 percent approve of the use of Executive Orders by the White House.
• 97 percent want tougher immigration policies enacted.
• 95 percent expect the Administration to make a major push to place conservative judges on the nation’s federal courts.

On reforming the Environmental Protection Agency:

• 85 percent agree that Obama-era rules on climate change should be reversed, with another 94 percent believing economic impacts should factor in to any new environmental regulations.
• 93 percent want the Administration to remove regulatory roadblocks holding back domestic energy production.


There is slightly less agreement on repealing and replacing Obamacare. While 59 percent want repeal to happen immediately – even if no replacement is yet on the table, 39 percent either want to wait, or aren’t sure on the timing.

Taxes and Spending

Seventy-seven percent of respondents believe the GOP has to push a tax cut/reform measure through before the 2018 mid-term elections. And other 77 percent agree with the President’s proposal to spend tens of billions of dollars on national infrastructure projects.  Fully 93 percent of respondents back increased spending on national defense

Foreign Policy

Our readers consistently favor a strong national defense, and an aggressive push against Islamic terror.

• 95 percent back a new plan to fight Islamic groups like ISIS.
• 94 percent believe the Administration needs to step up the fight against foreign hackers who have infiltrated both government and private databases.

There are also areas of disagreement on foreign affairs.

• 73 percent believe it’s in the national interest to have a strong working relationship with Russia, but just over 25 percent aren’t so keen on the idea.
• 78 percent believe the Administration will insist on a new, tougher deal controlling Iran’s nuclear program, but 21 percent aren’t so sure.
• 63 percent believe the US should move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Eight percent said the embassy should not move, while 27 percent were unsure.

The biggest difference, though, was on China.

While 48 percent said China represents the biggest threat the nation faces today, 23 percent disagreed. Another 28 percent were unsure.

A whopping 74 percent of respondents submitted personal comments along with their Survey responses.

The most frequently used word in those comments was “immigration,” followed by “tax.”

The most common phrase was “get rid of,” indicating our readers are ready and waiting for the Trump administration to drain the swampy mess the Obama administration left behind.

And the second most-used phrase: “build the wall.”

It would seem our readers have not forgotten the President’s signature campaign promise – and expect him to keep it.

As always, we appreciate your responses, and your comments.

Survey Results:
Executive Orders
1. The President has already signed Executive Orders freezing federal hiring, withdrawing the U.S. from the TPP trade agreement, restricting the use of taxpayer money to perform abortions in foreign countries. Do you agree with these Executive Orders?
2. The President has also signed an Executive Order pausing immigration from seven Muslim countries with links to terrorism. Do you agree with this Executive Order?
3. Do you think the use of Executive Orders is a good way for any president to enact or advance his agenda?
Domestic Policy
1. The president intends to thoroughly change the way the Environmental Protection Agency does its job. Among the changes are stopping new regulations on greenhouse gas emissions, car fuel economy standards, and terminating other climate change programs. Do you agree with these policy changes?
2. The president is going to propose the EPA pay much more attention to the economic effects of new environmental regulations than it has for the last eight years. Do you agree with this change?
3. The President is pushing for the early repeal and replacement of Obamacare to fulfill a campaign promise. Do you believe Congress should repeal Obamacare immediately, even if a replacement is not yet ready to take its place?
4. The President wants to spend several billions of dollars improving and expanding the nation’s infrastructure – highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, etc. Do you agree that we should spend whatever is necessary to repair and expand infrastructure?
5. The President and Congress will debate tax reform in the coming weeks. Do you think a major tax overhaul that cuts rates and makes the tax code simpler will pass before the 2018 mid-term elections?
6. The President is going to push for several changes in U.S. immigration policy, including new rules restricting sanctuary cities, tougher E-Verify requirements for employment, and stronger screening procedures for immigrants. Do you agree with these proposals?
7. Do you think the new administration should remove the roadblocks to producing oil and natural gas in the United States, and end the Obama administration’s war on coal?
8. Do you expect the Trump administration to make an aggressive push to place conservative judges on the nation’s district, appeals, ad Supreme Court?
Foreign Policy
1. The President promised to eradicate Muslim extremism, and will convene the Joint Chiefs of the Armed Forces to come up with a new plan to do just that. Do you agree with this proposal?
2. The President has proposed increasing defense spending, including such items as expanding the size of the U.S. Navy. Do you think we should be spending more on defense?
3. The President has called for better relations with foreign governments, including Russia. Do you believe it is in America’s interest to have a closer working relationship with Vladimir Putin’s Russia?
4. Foreign governments, groups, and individual hackers are increasingly attacking and stealing vital information on our government and individual citizens. Do you think the new administration should make fighting this new cyber war one of its top priorities?
5. The administration has singled out China as a bad actor on trade, and a host of other issues. Do you believe China is the greatest foreign threat the United States faces in the world today?
6. Do you think the new administration will successfully challenge the Iranian nuclear arms deal, and replace it with a new, tougher treaty?
7. Do you think the United States should move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem?