Progressives booing common sense

  • 6 June 2019
  • NormanL

Fourteen members of the ever-expanding Demcoratic presidential field got to address the California Democratic Party's recent meeting. It went pretty much as one would expect (much bashing of the president and a lot of expensive promises). But there was one surprising -- and very sad -- moment, too:

Former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper, one of the 14 presidential candidates who got seven minutes to speak at the California Democratic Party State Convention this weekend, wasn’t surprised when the crowd booed him. And he has no regrets.

“If we want to beat Donald Trump and achieve big progressive goals, socialism is not the answer,” Hickenlooper said on Saturday afternoon in San Francisco. As many in the crowd of 4,500 jeered, he added: “You know, if we’re not careful, we’re going to end up helping to reelect the worst president in American history.”

Referring to Medicare-for-all, Hickenlooper said: “We shouldn’t try to achieve universal coverage by removing private insurance from over 150 million Americans.”

Speaking about the Green New Deal, he added, “We should not try to tackle climate change by guaranteeing every American a government job.”

It's the kind of talk that used to be mainstream in Democratic circles. But now, anyone who dares challenge the progressive/socialist orthodoxy is a heretic. Why is this sad? It means a vital part of American political life is done, over, and gone -- the part that understood socialism is a dead end, and there's no such thing as a free lunch.

It's been replaced by an unthinking, very angry, mob.