Public gives thumbs down to Dems and GOP

  • 16 March 2015
  • NormanL
Public gives thumbs down to Dems and GOP

For 20 years, Gallup has polled Americans asking how much they liked the Democratic and Republican parties. For the first tine in those 20 years, both are below 40 percent, with democrats">Democrats at 39 and republicans">Republicans at 37. Gallup explains the results this way:

For some time, numerous Gallup trends have been showing Americans largely displeased with government's performance and leadership. Through it all, at least one political party was reviewed well, but now -- perhaps because of the constant brinksmanship going on between Obama and the Republican congress">Congress, but maybe for other reasons -- both parties are floundering.

Brinksmanship? Eh, maybe. Another possiblity?

Neither party's leadership really seems interested in making government smaller, less intrusive, or less expensive (nevermind a government that lives within its constitutional boundaries).

But they are very, very interested in scoring political points against the other side.