Pushing gun control in Ohio

  • 14 September 2017
  • NormanL
Pushing gun control in Ohio

A ballot initiative is underway in Ohio that, on the face of it, looks like an effort to improve gun safety. But as this article notes, the group behind the measure, and the initiative itself (assuming they actually put pen to paper and write one), are really the same old gun grabbers trying to undermine the Second Amendment. We pick up after the group has held a press conference. The author, Chad Baus, provides us with the background on the speakers the media left out:

While these media outlets dutifully covered the press conference, in which the group admitted they don't actually have a ballot initiative written (or even that they know for sure they will ever do one), reporters did nothing by way of exploring the background of the people behind the "newly formed" group.

So we did.

The Father

Kevin James' son Kenny was killed by Zane C. Johnson on October 14, 2010. Mr. Johnson, as a person with a prior drug conviction, was not allowed to be in possession of the gun he used to commit murder. But of course, being the criminal that he was, he didn't care that he wasn't allowed to be in possession of the gun he used to kill Kenny James, just as criminals like him will not care if "Ohioans For Gun Safety" somehow managed to get a mandatory background check initiative passed in Ohio.

The Doctor

Jonathan Groner is a pediatric trauma surgeon, but what the media never seem to want to mention is that he is a long-time shill for gun ban extremists - a concealed carry protester who once sat on the board of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence.

Press releases from anti-gun rights groups like OCAGV often quote Groner, but only as a medical doctor in Columbus, making no mention of his status an anti-gun rights protester or former OCAGV board member. The obvious intent of this is to give the appearance that Groner is an independent but concerned professional with no duck in the hunt. And time and again, the media has taken the bait.

The Spokesperson

David Eggert, labeled as the spokesperson and a "founding member" of the newly-minted "Ohioans for Gun Safety," is far from new to the gun control scene. [I]n 2013 he participated in a ProgressOhio gun show protest in Summit County.(Seen at right in this photo by the Akron Beacon Journal's Karen Schiely.)

He has testified against reducing the number of "gun free" victim zones in Ohio, suggesting before a House committee that gun owners may become mass murderers if they were “told they are not welcome with their guns” in an establishment.

He has called for gun registration.

Prior to forming this latest gun control group, Eggert founded another one called "God Before Guns: A Multi-Faith Coalition to Reduce Gun Violence."

If all of this feels familiar it should, as Baus writes:

"Ohioans for Gun Safety" is just the latest attempt to rebrand gun control, an idea that has been soundly rejected by voters in this state and across the country, again and again and again. The so-called "gun safety" group doesn't even contain one single mention of gun safety on their website. That's because they, like so many that have come and gone before them, aren't about gun safety at all.

They're still just about all about control.

Indeed they are.