Ranking Freedom in the United States

  • 28 August 2018
  • NormanL

You may have heard about measurements of freedom around the world. But the Cato Institute has put together a study on freedom in the 50 states. Based on a number of criteria, the aim is to show how much personal and economic freedom you have in your state. The main findings...

In overall freedom, Florida and New Hampshire top the U.S., with Indiana, Colorado, and Nevada round out the top five.

The bottom five states in overall freedom are Vermont, New Jersey, California, Hawaii, and New York.

You can view how each state ranks on economic freedom, personal freedom, fiscal responsibility, regulatory freedom, property rights, education, and much more. And while you may argue with the individual results, or the criteria used, it's a useful guide for thinking about your state, and the burdens in places on your life and liberty.