Setting an Example on the Second Amendment

  • 31 December 2014
  • NormanL
Second Amendment Handgun Pistol

We are unapologetic supporters of the Second Amendment. But we agree with this author that some gun owners make it harder for the rest of us to defend the right to keep an bear arms.  For example:

The truth is, the issue of gun ownership scares a lot of people. Mostly because all they know about guns is what they read, hear and see in the media. Rarely do they have an objective viewpoint because rarely is objectivity found in the mainstream press.

While it’s easy to blow your top when trying to reason with these folks, remember that most of them simply haven’t been educated properly. And if you respond in a hostile manner, you’ll just push them further and further away.

I’ve found that the best way to deal with these folks is simply to lead by example.

Demonstrate proper gun safety. Show them what responsible gun ownership looks like. Don’t try to convince them they need a gun, but reassure them that they are in no danger when in the presence of a responsible gun owner.

To be honest, I’m tired of so many law-abiding gun owners being equated with lunatic behavior and violence. But the only way we’re going to shed this image is to act responsibly, without hostility towards the other side.

And when other gun owners act in an irresponsible manner, use that opportunity as a conversation starter. Use that opportunity to speak up against this behavior. Because in these instances, our silence can be deafening.

If we want to defend the second amendment, we must be a part of the conversation in both good times and bad.