The "shadow" Democratic cabinet

  • 27 February 2017
  • NormanL
The "shadow" Democratic cabinet

A group of Democrats under the guidance of Mark Green have established what they loftily call a "shadow cabinet," which they intend to use to push, poke, and prod the Trump administration. Their mode of operation? Twitter. Here's who is involved, via Axios:

LAURENCE TRIBE, "Attorney General" -- Constitutional law professor at Harvard Law School.
MARIELENA HINCAPIE, "INS/ICE/Immigration" -- executive director, National Immigration Law Center
DERAY MCKESSON, "Justice Issues" - Co-founder, Black Lives Matter. civil rights activist.
ROBERT REICH, "Labor/Commerce" -- Ex-Labor Secretary, best-selling author.
LAURA TYSON, "Treasury/Trade" -- Ex-chair CEA, professor at BerkeleyHass Business School
DAVID CAY JOHNSTON, "IRS" -- Pulitzer prize-winning journo/author. Founder of new DCReport.
DIANE RAVITCH, "Education" -- Professor at NYU, author/editor of 24 books on education.
JOAN CLAYBROOK, "Transportation" -- Ex-head of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
ROB WEISSMAN, "Consumer Agencies" -- President, Public Citizen.
DAVID FREEMAN, "Energy & EPA" -- Ex-head of TVA & NYS Power Authority.
DAVID HIMMELSTEIN, STEFFIE WOOLFINDLER, "HHS/Health" -- Distinguished Professors at Pub. Health School, CUNY/Hunter; co-founders Physicians for National Health.
COLIN KAHL, "NSA/Terrorism" - V.P. Biden's National Security Adviser.
ROSA BROOKS, "State Department" -- Ex--DoD counselor, author, columnist Foreign Policy.
ANDREW BACEVICH, "Defense Department" -- Author/historian, BU.Pardee School Global Affairs.

Some former Bill Clinton cabinet officers, a gaggle of academics, and assorted activists. In short, nothing out of the ordinary for Democrats.

While it is rather cheeky for them to adopt cabinet titles to go along with their musings, it should be an interesting experiment. For a few days. Beyond that, it will trail off in the normal leftist pieties. Oh wait, it already has, with Laura Tyson calling Trump's economic plan "Orwellonomics," and two others who allege that tens of thousands will die if Obamacare is repealed.

From launch to pitiful self-parody in less than a day.