Snobbery and the surgeon general

  • 25 April 2017
  • NormanL
Snobbery and the surgeon general

The left prides itself on being more compassionate, caring, worldly, and wise than conservatives. They embrace differences joyfully, knowing that diversity makes us all stronger. But that multi-colored mask has a habit of slipping, and when it does, an ugly pettiness shows through.

Consider the recent case of the appointment of an acting surgeon general. The Trump administration asked for the incumbent, Dr. Vivek Murthy, to step down, even though his term had two more years to go. Murthy took the announcement in stride. The left...not so much.

They criticized -- some openly, others more subtley, the qualifications, education, and service of Murthy's replacement, Deputy Surgeon General Sylvia Trent-Adams.

Trent-Adams, you see, is a mere nurse. Nevermind her Ph.D., or her career both in the public health service and the military. And we can't forget that she was an Obama appointee, and happens to be a black woman. And we must forget that nurses have previously held the position of Surgeon General, and somehow, the nation didn't collapse.

No, the left, through its house organ, the New York Times, sniffs that a nurse can't possibly take over, even temporarily, the role reserved for a doctor and surgeon.

It's a subtle snub, but one rooted in an arrogance that can barely contain itself -- that only certain credentials and specific pieces of paper qualify one to hold positions of public trust. And even when those boxes are checked, the appointment to office must come from an approved member of the leftist tribe (and even then, only if the would-be appointee subscribes to all of the proper talking points).

We would normally let a minor kerfuffle like the surgoen general episode to go unremarked. But it serves as a valuable reminder that the left, for all its bleating about diversity, remains a cesspool of snobbery, wrapped in jealousy, topped with disdain.