The Speeches of CPAC

  • 7 March 2016
  • NormanL

CPAC features a number of conservative speakers each year, and as CPAC 2016 arrived in the midst of a hotly contested presidential race, all the candidates were on hand, as well. We picked a few of our favorites to give you a feel for what conservatives are thinking, what they are doing, and why we find the annual event a definite "must."

First up, "The Reagan Legacy Endures," a panel discussion of the former President's ideas and actions, and how the principles he fought for not only made the modern conservative movement what it is, but how we can pick up where Reagan left off.


Next, Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, a rising conservative star who talks about what he believes are the three pillars of conservatism -- what he calls "classical conservatism." 


In a somewhat similar vein, former presidential candidate Rick Santorum offers a passionate speech on the current state of the conservative movement, and how we should learn from what he calls the "earthquake" going on right now in the election to bring conservative ideas to life.


Former Ambassador John Bolton gives a pointed and powerful critique of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy experiment, and how it has made our nation weaker, and the world a much more dangerous place.


One of our favorite people, investigative journalist and film maker James O'Keefe, talked about his organization, Project Veritas, and some of the investigations they have underway into voter fraud (complete with examples) as well as the investigators he has embedded within the Hillary Clinton campaign.


And something a little different...a discussion of the left's three great strongholds -- the media, Hollywood, and academia. Conservatives don't talk often enough about culture, and how what we see, read, and learn (and not just us, but our children, too) has a profound effect on our nation.


CPAC has been staged and organized by The American Conservative Union (ACU) since 1973. We urge you to support the ACU by becoming a member today. Go here to join, and to find out more about this excellent organization, CPAC, and how you can help defend the principles that made this nation great.