The St. Louis Debate

  • 10 October 2016
  • NormanL
The St. Louis Debate

There was a debate Sunday night, and the long and short of it is Donald Trump stopped the bleeding his campaign had endured after a weekend media feeding frenzy.

The question is whether he did enough to put his campaign on a course to win the election next month. We will have to wait for polling data to answer that definitively. But our hunch is Clinton still leads in the states that matter most: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia.

The numbers have flipped and flipped again in all but one of those contests: Virginia has been the lone, steady hold-out for Clinton. As we have long said, no Republican nominee can win the presidency without winning Virginia.

With news out late Monday that the Trump campaign had fired one of its state co-chairmen for staging an unauthorized protest outside of Repubican National Committee headquarters in Washington, DC (a protest to show women's support for Trump after video of his remarks from 2005 came to light), Trump's Virginia campaign appears to be struggling.

The one thing we have learned about this race so far is Trump has an uncanny ability to defy politcal history, and practice, and still win. 

We will wait for the polling data to roll in to see if he is able to do so yet again.