Taxes and much more on state ballots

  • 29 October 2018
  • NormanL

In addition to races for political office, voters in many states will decide on ballot initiatives -- some of which go to the heart of freedom and liberty.

Among the 155 measures voters will decide Nov. 6, several deal with changes in state or local taxes. The Tax Foundation has a lengthy analysis of those ballot question by state, and you can read about those meaures here.

Ballotpedia has culled the list of tax initiatves even further, concentrating on those that, if approved, would cut or restrict taxes at the state or local level. You can find more about those measures here.

Ballotpedia also has a thorough listing of all ballot measures in the states (just scroll down the page). These measures cover the gamut, from taxes and property rights to law enforcement, education, gun rights, and much more. As so many of these measures directly affect our lives and property -- very often, more than anything passed by Congress -- it's vital for you to be aware of what's on your ballot.