Teamsters jilt Hillary

  • 30 September 2015
  • NormanL
Teamsters jilt Hillary

Are cracks starting to form in Hillary Clinton's union support? 

The Teamsters union’s general executive board voted unanimously Tuesday, 26-0, to hold off on endorsing Clinton at its meeting in Charleston, South Carolina.  Fox News reports that the vote was meant as “an intentional snub” of Clinton for backing away from her previous support for the job-creating Keystone pipeline.

The union is holding off until union-friendly Vice President Joe biden">Biden makes a decision about whether or not to run for president.

The union also seeks a “sit down” meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whose recent tax reform proposal drastically lowers the corporate and individual tax rates for the middle class in an effort to spur job growth, savings, and investment.

"Holding off" on an endorsement doesn't mean the Teamsters won't endorse. They, like so many others in the Democratic party, are waiting to see if Joe Biden decides to get into the race. And Biden is taking his time making that decision. We suggest he is waiting to see how the first Democratic presidential debate goes in mid-October...which is close to the time Mrs. Clinton will be testifying before Trey Gowdy's committee investigating benghazi">Benghazi (and her email problems).

Back-to-back opportunities for Clinton to either right her listing ship, or sink to the bottom.

Judging by the sudden appearance of Bill Clinton in the media defending Hillary, we suspect the Clinton campaign is desperately trying to soothe Hillary's base.